Download this PrePass whitepaper and learn about research from the Texas A&M Transportation Institute that may finally settle the debate on which kind of weigh station bypass technology is the most reliable. Discover the benefits of each and which types of technology may be best for your operation.

In this whitepaper you'll learn about:

  • The benefits of using transponders and mobile device applications to bypass weigh stations
  • How both of these technologies compare and how to use them both to your advantage
  • A third-party, controlled environment study that provides data on each bypass approach

Download this free whitepaper to read more so you can start saving money today!

Compare Our Solutions

PrePass provides three weigh station bypass options to customers for one low price.

The MOTION app is available at all PrePass sites including mobile locations. It uses a cellular connection on a mobile device, and cellular coverage is good, data transmission is 81 to 94 percent reliable.

The transponder operates at sites with readers and third party providers including NORPASS. They utilize RFID technology with transmission reliability of 100% and also allow for toll payment services.

MOTION and the PrePass transponder can be used in unison. This provides the transponder benefits of 100% reliability and options for toll payments with the location coverage of the cellular mobile app.

PrePass Just Got Better

So, if you are interested in bypassing weigh stations that do not offer bypassing with the PrePass transponder, PrePass MOTION expands your options. No other bypass service works harder to make sure you get as many green lights as possible, no matter where you travel.

  • Available for FREE to PrePass weigh station bypass subscribers
  • Simply download the app and contact PrePass to activate
  • Hands-free operation ensures hands stay on the steering wheel
  • Excellent customer service support to handle any issues and keep you moving
Still not convinced? Download our free whitepaper, "Comparing Weigh Station Bypass Technologies." You will learn about RFID and CMRS bypass technologies, and the results of a Texas A&M Transportation Institute study comparing both approaches.

How MOTION Works