The differences between the collection, cost, and efficiency of toll-by-plate and tolling transponders are stark. Toll-by-plate requires matching difficult to read license plates to truck owners and then mailing invoices, which can lead to big billing errors. In contrast, RFID transponders allow immediate identification of responsible toll road users and on-the-spot payment through registered accounts. Also, toll agencies often charge far less for RFID transponder tolls than toll-by-plate rates.

Read the PrePass whitepaper, “RFID Tolling for Trucks: Enhancing Safety, Efficiency, and Environmental Benefits,” and learn how a toll transponder is the best choice when it comes using toll roads, bridges, and tunnels. Not only does a toll transponder help you save time, fuel, and money, but it also gives your motor carrier operation more reliable time in transit, improved safety, lower operational costs, and reduced environmental impact.