Motor carrier safety professionals face many challenges: One, is finding the specifics behind a pattern of violations, so that safety improvements can be made. Another is explaining the problem to carrier personnel - the drivers, the maintenance department, even company executives - who must make the adjustments.

Meeting those challenges requires fleet safety professionals to wade through monthly downloads from government websites, which often are confusing and difficult to navigate. But did you know as a PrePass customer you can quickly identify safety issues in an easy-to-understand fashion?

A PrePass whitepaper, "Top Benefits of INFORM Safety," explains how to use INFORM Safety to identify and communicate fleet safety challenges. INFORM Safety is easy-to-use data visualization software that helps fleet safety professionals quickly find:
  • Safety challenges identified through federal carrier safety scores
  • Violations that are most frequent and where they happen
  • Trucks or drivers that may be need attention
Read the PrePass whitepaper! Put your fleet on the road to better health by using the INFORM Safety insights to improve your safety scores.