PrePass Plus is the only service for motor carriers that provides both comprehensive weigh station bypass and electronic toll payment services using a single transponder. This helps save fleets both time and money. But did you know, as part of this service you can solve the challenges of toll invoices with the addition of INFORM Tolling software?

INFORM Tolling is an easy-to-use data visualization software tool that helps carriers quickly identify toll discrepancies and streamline the toll reconciliation process. INFORM Tolling provides a consolidated view of your toll invoices with tools to identify areas for toll savings, streamline the dispute process and report on the health of your tolling programs.

Read the whitepaper, "Toll Management Software Helps Carriers Save Time and Money," and learn how INFORM Tolling meets each of the four challenges of toll invoice management:

  • Excessive paperwork
  • Violations and billing errors
  • Costly dispute resolution
  • No final accounting

Start working to improve your toll management and eliminate tolling headaches by reading this whitepaper.