Trucking regulations from Uncle Sam, and more specifically the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, are always changing. And carriers can influence the outcome. That's why it's important for truck drivers and motor carriers to understand how these rules and laws are created. However, before you can make a difference in the regulatory process, you must know how the system works and where you can have an impact.

Download this PrePass guide, "How Federal Trucking Regulations Become Law" and learn:
  • How to distinguish regulations from other government actions
  • Where regulatory agencies like FMCSA get their power, as well as their limitations, and
  • What the sources of regulatory proposals are

This guide also walks you through the crafting of truly effective comments to a proposed regulation - comments built on fact, data and experience, not just opinion. Your voice can make a difference in the regulatory process. With the PrePass guide "How Federal Trucking Regulations Become Law," your voice can be heard clearly.