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More than 340 toll facilities operate in the U.S., generating billions of dollars every year. Much of this toll revenue comes from trucking, which has seen toll rates jump dramatically over the past decade.

Download the PrePass whitepaper: "A Guide to Trucking Toll Costs in America" and learn how trucking fleets can avoid tolling pitfalls and actually save money. In this whitepaper, you'll also learn:

  • How toll facilities operate and why rates continue to climb
  • How payment methods can affect your toll costs and impact safety
  • How you can challenge toll discrepancies and violations
  • How to balance the costs and benefits of using toll facilities
  • How to tell the difference between maximum tolls, plate read costs, vehicle misclassifications and peak tolling times
Download this whitepaper today and learn how to maximize your time, safety and money when it comes to battling increasing truck toll costs.