It wasn't long ago when a truck driver could get a CDL and use that commercial driver's license to earn a living on the nation's highways. Soon, obtaining that CDL will require more work and traveling with a standard state driver's license will become more complicated.

Download the PrePass whitepaper, "Everything Truckers Need to Know About REAL ID and Upcoming License Deadlines" and learn:

  • How you can tell if you or your drivers already have a REAL ID compliant CDL
  • How REAL ID is different from your current license and where you can get one
  • Why you need a REAL ID and when you must have it
  • Where you can use REAL ID and where the credentials might not be enough

No matter if you're a fleet manager, company driver or owner-operator, you will find valuable information in this whitepaper. Don't miss a single pickup or delivery when REAL ID requirements soon take effect. Download this free whitepaper.