About the Webinar

"Nuclear verdicts" and "nuclear settlements" are rocking the trucking industry. Award amounts for crashes continue to grow, resulting in rising insurance premiums, litigation costs, reputational damage, and even forcing some motor carriers out of business. Plaintiff attorneys use the "reptile attack" strategy on drivers, safety directors, and corporate trucking representatives during deposition and trial testimony to manipulate juries and drive-up awards, exacerbating the large verdict phenomenon.

Watch this webinar, presented as an industry service by PrePass, "The Mongoose Method: Rebalancing the Scales of Justice with Tactical Training in Trucking Litigation Defense." Hear from Paul Enos, CEO of Nevada Trucking Association, and Dr. Bill Kanasky, Jr., senior VP at Courtroom Sciences, Inc., and a nationally recognized expert in advanced witness training and jury psychology in civil litigation.

Both look at factors leading to these "nuclear verdicts" and "nuclear settlements." More importantly, they provide practical solutions to avoid fallout for trucking defendants by using the "mongoose method" to fight back against "reptile attacks" from plaintiff attorneys.