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The Trusted Weigh Station Bypass and Toll Management Platform

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    Save over 5 minutes with each weigh station bypass. And that's without an inspection!

  • save fuel

    Save over 1/2 gallon of fuel with each bypass. PrePass customers have saved over 250,000,000 gallons of fuel!

  • save money

    FMCSA references a savings of at least $8.68 per bypass. PrePass carriers have saved over $4 billion since 1997!

The Most Comprehensive Weigh Station Bypass Platform Available

Nearly 50,000 qualified fleets and over 550,000 trucks use PrePass today. PrePass is the only system offering integrated weigh station bypassing, toll payment management and the INFORM data portals. No other system provides 99.9% reliability and the comprehensive network of PrePass.

PrePass is North America's most trusted, most reliable and most widely utilized weigh station bypassing and toll payment service.

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    99.9% accuracy means more bypasses with a transponder with the coverage of a bypass app.

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    No other system provides inspection and safety data like PrePass. And with PrePass, your privacy is guaranteed.