PrePass allows qualified motor carriers to bypass weigh stations at highway speeds. Customers have the choice of transponder, mobile application, or both. We work with you to determine the best bypass technology solution for your needs.



PrePass toll management service provides seamless and efficient toll payments and where available, discounted tolling rates. If there's a need for toll reconciliation or dispute resolution, PrePass Plus has you covered with toll transaction access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


INFORM truck fleet software helps owners and managers analyze bypass and toll activity to spot trends, mitigate safety and toll fraud risks, and provide new insights into their operation.


PrePass is the most comprehensive weigh station bypass system in North America. More than 625,000 trucks use PrePass to legally bypass sites across every trucking corridor north to south, east to west and hundreds of places in between.

Maximizing on-duty driving time is more important than ever. Couple that with increased driver retention, reduced fuel costs, and vehicle wear, it is easy to justify PrePass. The FMCSA estimates savings of $8.68 per bypass*. But you can determine your own cost savings with our quick return-on-investment calculator.

Number of Trucks: 1
Avg. bypasses per month: 12

Minutes lost per pull in: 5
Hours lost per year: 12
Driver pay per hour: $21
Wages lost per year: $252

Fuel gal. lost per pull in: .5
Fuel gal. lost per year: 60
Fuel cost per gallon: $3
Fuel cost per year: $180

Estimated savings per truck per year: $432