Introducing PrePass Tolls: Simplify Your Toll Management

A single point of contact for comprehensive toll management. PrePass Tolls delivers convenience, efficiency, and significant cost savings.

Seamlessly manage nationwide truck tolling, access discounted rates, and review and control costs with included data analytics software. Streamline your tolling experience and save time with toll reconciliation, toll violation prevention, and dispute resolution.

Simplify and Streamline to Enjoy a Hassle-Free Experience

One point of contact. One device. One invoice. Add it up and you get zero headaches and total efficiency.

Now is the perfect time to bring your toll management service under one roof to:

  • Reduce headaches with one point of contact for service and support
  • Streamline accounting with one consolidated invoice for all toll transactions
  • Enjoy discounted toll rates
  • Simplify the driving experience in busy corridors and at toll plazas
  • Reduce costs and save time with toll dispute resolution
  • View and control costs with a single dashboard for comprehensive toll activity reporting

Gain Total Visibility and Control with INFORM™ Tolling Software

INFORM™ Tolling is included with PrePass Tolls. Benefit from having the leading data management tool in the industry that gives truck operators and fleet managers comprehensive tolling intelligence in a single portal.

INFORM puts you in the driver seat to effectively manage tolls:

  • Track and report annual toll spending and total cost savings
  • Use alerts to identify device misuse
  • Optimize routes to minimize toll exposure and trip delays
  • Protect toll budgets by catching and preventing fraud
  • Coach drivers and dispatchers to improve routes based on time and toll cost
  • Export and integrate toll cost data into your backend systems