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Get more bypass opportunities. Get more bypass technology options. Get more features and functionality. With PrePass, you join over half a million trucks saving time, fuel and money every day.

PrePass is the most reliable, widely utilized weigh station bypass system in North America. There are PrePass-equipped sites across every corridor north to south, east to west and hundreds of places in between.

With PrePass, pre-cleared vehicles can continue at highway speeds without having to stop at weigh stations. PrePass helps create greater efficiencies for shippers and supports improved safety for all highway users. Fill out the form to get started today.

Compare Our Bypass Solutions

PrePass Provides three weigh station bypass options to customers for one low price.

The PrePass transponder features near 100% reliability with the option to add nationwide toll payment services.

The PrePass bypass app provides the convenience of a mobile device application and includes driver roadway safety ALERTS™.


Use the app and the transponder together for the best coverage, reliability, safety ALERTS™ and toll payment service.


More Options With PrePass

PrePass provides more bypass options than any other service provider. Choose between the transponder, the mobile app or use both. We work to make sure you get as many green lights as possible, no matter where you travel.

  • The PrePass bypass app provides simple installation on BYOD and telematics devices
  • The bypass app operates with or without a transponder for the same low rate
  • PrePass transponder provides access to toll payment services
  • PrePass can help you determine the best technology for your needs
Still not convinced? Download our free whitepaper, "Comparing Weigh Station Bypass Technologies." You will learn about mobile app and transponder bypass technologies, and which is best for your specific operation.