PrePass Introduces New INFORM™ Tolling

We’re pleased to introduce the newest innovation from HELP Inc., the providers of PrePass and PrePass Plus: INFORM Tolling.

Optimize your toll payment management, take the hassle out of dispute resolution and find out how to combat toll fraud by attending a free webinar to learn all about INFORM Tolling.

INFORM™ Tolling provides data analytics for PrePass Plus customers. With this tool, you can easily see where truck tolls are being assessed and confirm you’re getting the best toll rates possible. It also identifies fraudulent toll charges quickly while giving you visibility and alerts to toll violations. It’s an excellent way to improve fleet efficiency and better manage financial exposure.

Best of all, this new feature is available at no extra charge to PrePass Plus toll payment service customers. It’s already included in your current PrePass Plus subscription.

We invite you to find out more about the features and benefits of INFORM Tolling during a 30 minute demo webinar.

Go Beyond Toll Statements

INFORM Tolling provides PrePass Plus customers the ability to view electronic toll transactions so you can easily analyze, manage and receive alerts to see where tolls are occurring, how much is spent, and spot any suspicious activity.prepass_inform_toll_low.png

  • Toll analytics and account snapshots with interactive map and timeline
  • Help prevent fraud utilizing customizable alerts for unauthorized or high volumes of tolls
  • Annual report functionality shows total payment activity, savings and more
  • Violations management tools to track payments and status of violations processing.

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