November 2018
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November 2018

  • Enrollment Tops 600,000 Trucks
  • PODCAST: FMCSA Makes Changes to CSA
  • PrePass Recieves Four New Endorsements
  • WEBINAR On Demand: Improve Safety with Data Visualization
  • BLOG: Tips to Trucking Safely Through Road Construction
  • Waiving Knowledge Tests for Military Truck Drivers
  • PODCAST: Know Safety Regulations Before Entering Canada
  • Underride Guard Car Crash Tests
  • 3 Steps to Reducing Truck Involved Crashes

PrePass Enrollment Tops 600,000 Trucks


As the non-profit provider of PrePass® services, HELP Inc.’s celebration of 25 years of service is highlighted by the largest truck enrollment in the history of the program – over 600,000 trucks. This milestone and continued growth is the result of strong industry support and innovation of the PrePass program.

HELP Inc. recently introduced MOTION™ PrePass’ mobile weigh station bypass application. HELP also launched the INFORM™ software suite, which provides data visualization to help improve fleet safety and reduce toll costs. These, in addition to PrePass ELD and PrePass Plus electronic toll payment services, provide expanded options and value to PrePass customers.

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PODCAST: FMCSA Moving to Make Changes to CSA Truck Safety Program


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is moving to make reforms with its key truck safety program called Compliance Safety and Accountability, or CSA for short, following years of complaints by both trucking fleets and drivers.

In this episode of “Eyes on the Road” presented by PrePass, Evan Lockridge talks with Warren Hoemann, former FMCSA deputy administrator, currently a PrePass consultant, about what changes are expected to take place. They also discuss why this is happening, what it could mean for the trucking industry and how soon reform may occur.

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PrePass Receives Four New Endorsements Including Truckers Service Association (TSA)


HELP Inc., the provider of PrePass weigh station bypass and other safety services, has received new endorsements from four trucking organizations. These associations provide exclusive discounts and promotions for their members on products and services including PrePass.

The Truckers Service Association (TSA) is an association of approximately 12,000 owner-operator truckers created nearly 20 years ago with the simple but important mission of helping members acquire products and services to help them be more competitive. TSA’s membership includes both owner-operators connected with larger fleets and independent truck drivers running under their own authority.

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WEBINAR ON DEMAND: Improve Safety with Data Visualization


Imagine getting all the details you could ever want or need regarding your truck inspections and safety scores. This information could then be used to identify areas in need of improvement, so you can take quick action.

The “Improve Safety with Data Visualization” webinar will review how to access fleet inspection data using visualization tools that provide new insights into improving driver behavior, and ultimately, safety. Safety data expert, Drew Anderson talks specifically about safety data as it relates to truck inspections and how to find trends that can help you improve safety scores.

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BLOG: 7 Tips to Trucking Safely Through Road Construction


About every three days a fatal work zone crash involving a large truck occurs in the U.S. That totals 133 truck-involved fatal work zone crashes each year, according to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

Overall, the past five years have seen 4,400 people killed and 200,000 people injured in work zone crashes, truck-involved or not, but the trucking figures from FHWA are daunting.

Out on the rural Interstates, fully 47% of fatal work zone crashes involve large trucks, and when those fatal crashes do occur, 49% of the time the truck driver hits something or someone right in front of them.

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States May Waive Knowledge Tests for Military Truck Drivers


In a recent final rule, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) said it will allow but not require state driver licensing agencies to waive the commercial learner’s permit (CLP) knowledge test for current or past military members, when their position required operation of a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) within the past year.

The final rule also allows states to waive tests required for certain license endorsements: the passenger carrier (P) endorsement, the tank vehicle (N) endorsement, or the hazardous material (H) endorsement, with proof of military training and experience.

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PODCAST: What Truckers Need to Know About Safety Regulations Before Entering Canada


Trucking from the U.S. into Canada is far more complex than just moving a load from state-to-state. While many Canadian trucking regulations regarding safety are similar to those in the U.S., if you aren’t careful you could find yourself on the receiving end of a citation or even be denied entry.

In this installment of “Eyes on the Road,” presented by PrePass, host Evan Lockridge discusses what truckers and fleet managers need to know about truck safety rules before entering the Great White North. The guest is Kerri Wirachowsky, past head of enforcement program evaluation with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. Today, she serves as the director of roadside inspection programs at the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance.

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More Truck Trailers Passing Underride Guard Car Crash Tests


Seven years after serious shortcomings in the rear underride guards of most semitrailers were found, the eight largest North American manufacturers are now making rear guards capable of preventing deadly underride crashes in a range of scenarios.

Underride crashes occur when a passenger vehicle slides under a larger vehicle. This usually causes severe intrusion into the passenger vehicle’s occupant space and is often deadly. Rear underride guards are metal bumpers that hang from the backs of trailers to prevent underride in a rear impact.

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3 Steps to Reducing Truck Involved Crashes:
Consistency, Sharing and Action


To combat truck-involved crashes, motor carriers can employ a “CSA” of their own. We call it Consistency, Sharing, Action.

  • Consistency in reviewing every roadside inspection, every citation and every state/federal audit finding and asking 1) is it accurate? 2) is it one time/one person or fleet-wide? and 3) what do I need to change?
  • Sharing through interaction with other carriers, commercial motor vehicle enforcement, state trucking associations and with local auto clubs – because we are only as safe as the other folks on the road.
  • Action – walking the talk. Taking the hard steps, as may be needed, with personnel, with training, with advanced equipment and technology, and even with customers.

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