PrePass Duncan & Son Lines

Case Study: Duncan & Son Lines Keeps Driver Satisfaction, Retention High with PrePass

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Download this PrePass whitepaper and read how the trucking company Duncan & Son Lines says it's able to deliver what it calls "magic" of trucking through its more than decade-long use of PrePass for weigh station bypassing.

In this whitepaper you'll also learn how PrePass helps this 275 truck Phoenix, Arizona based fleet: 

  • Keep drivers happy, which reduces driver turnover and recruiting expenses
  • Avoid long wait times at weigh stations, saving time and money
  • Keep its demanding appointment schedules in and out of the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, where it picks up and delivers a large part of its freight
Learn how your fleet, regardless of its size, can benefit from PrePass and deliver more of this magic like Duncan & Son Lines.