Electronic logging devices have changed hours of service compliance for truck drivers and fleets, but they've also changed the way the Department of Transportation's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration audits driver and trucking fleet records.

Listen now to this PrePass webinar as Dave Osiecki, president and CEO of Scopelitis Transportation Consulting, covers the ins and outs of the FMCSA compliance review/audit process, and focuses on how FMCSA and state investigators are auditing electronic logging devices records for compliance with the daily driving limit, the daily and weekly work limits, and for ELD record falsification.

You'll also learn details about FMCSA's Electronic Record of Duty Status (eRODS) software, how they use it, what other records and ELD supporting documents they request during audits, and some ELD auditing techniques you may not have thought of or be aware of.

Don't miss this unique offering. "Think You're ELD Compliant? Think Again - Prepare Now for a Compliance Audit" The webinar is moderated by freelance journalist Evan Lockridge, host of the PrePass "Eyes on the Road" podcast.