Kentucky Trucking Association

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Kentucky PrePass by the numbers. Benefits since 2012.

  • 637,418 Hours Saved

    Based on a minimum of 5 minutes saved per screening bypass.

  • 3,059,604 gallons of fuel saved

    Based on .4 gallons per pull-in.

  • $66,393,415 operational cost savings

    Benefits based on studies by the Iowa State University Center for Transportation Research and Education and the FMCSA.

National PrePass benefits since 1997*

Kentucky has been part of the PrePass system since 2012 and currently has PrePass deployed at 12 sites. Across Kentucky and the nation, PrePass helps facilitate freight movement by allowing prequalified* trucks to be electronically screened and then safely bypass weigh stations at highway speeds. There are 492 PrePass qualified fleets based in Kentucky with 5,222 qualified trucks.

PrePass is a service offered by HELP Inc., a public private partnership (P3) established in 1993 between states and the trucking industry. HELP is the nation’s only non-profit P3 established specifically to promote safety and efficiency in commercial transportation.

  • $156,805,864

    Invested in PrePass infrastructure deployment and ongoing maintenance at no cost to states.

  • 756,739,100

    Successful weigh station bypasses using PrePass and saving carriers over $6 billion in operational cost savings.

  • 663,572

    Metric tons of emissions reduced, which is the equivalent of removing 119,177 vehicles from the road (EPA estimates).