During the month of June 2020, the SH 130 Concession Company in Texas is discounting Segment 5 & 6 tolls by 50% for PrePass Plus enrolled trucks between 10:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. The discount applies to the southern segments of the toll road between San Antonio and Mustang Ridge, just south of Austin. Trucks traveling the full 41-mile length of SH 130 south will result in a rebate between $11.22 and $18.70, depending on their size and shape. Commercial trucks are defined as Class C and larger.

What is PrePass Plus?

PrePass Plus is a nation-wide toll payment service that requires just one transponder for use with over 60 tolling authorities. That means you receive one statement with the highest toll discounts available. In addition, PrePass Plus includes access to INFORM Tolling software. INFORM helps you pinpoint toll cost trends, and identify potential fraud activity and overcharges. In the event of a toll dispute or violation, PrePass can manage these transactions on your behalf with the toll agency.

How to Enroll

Not a PrePass customer? Enroll today to receive the SH 130 discount and one free month of weigh station bypass service. If you are already a PrePass customer and want to upgrade to PrePass Plus, please contact us